But Is It Art? Fair in DC

On Friday I checked out a DIY art show at Wonderbox in DC (near NY and FL Ave, NW). It’s called But Is It Art? Fair and they showcased over a dozen local artists and their efforts in the contemporary art scene. I didn’t get to take any pictures inside because I felt weird taking pictures of the artwork without permission, but I got a couple of shots of some cool things outside of the building. It was raining though so I couldn’t get everything I wanted. 😦 Might have to make another trip to that area again someday.

This dude shows you the way.
A mural leading up to Wonderbox.

If I had to pick one thing that stood out to me the most at the show, it might have to be the collection of photos by Ryan Florig. A lot of moments that he captures seem to represent some of the underbelly of society. There are images of people in some unsavory situations (bloody, homeless, drunk) which make out to be some powerful pieces. But he also captures people who are really comfortable in their element (getting tattooed, protesting, hanging out in the city). You almost feel like “Yeah I know those people”or may have at least seen people like them on TV. Heck it may even be you now or sometime before. I thought some of the party photos were actually quite funny and maybe, nostalgic? There were definitely a couple of photos I saw and thought, “Oh lord I’ve been there!” haha…As extreme as some of the subject matter might be, the photos are all beautifully shot. But it’s not just about tattoos and booze. He has some cute animal photos and nice outdoor shots. Ryan offers a compelling vantage point into urban life that’s on the other side of all the polished politicos and coffee shops. Check out his tumblr page here! (Though I must warn you that some of the images are not safe for work. View at your own discretion! 🙂 )

Photo credit: Ryan Florig, 2011.

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