Art Beats and Lyrics DC

Yes, that is an alcoholic beverage I’m holding.

This past Friday night I checked out Art Beats + Lyrics, an art exhibition that oozes hip hop culture. I couldn’t resist checking it out since it promised two of my favorite things: art and dancing. Oh, and things that cost Free.99. Yes for what the event had to offer I was really surprised that it was free! It also stands to mention that it was sponsored by Jack Daniels (mmhmm, the whiskey) so you even got a couple of free drinks! Which is great if you’re into that kind of thing. I am! …but only because it’s free – ahem. haha

Anyway, it was definitely a lot of fun! The venue was a tasteful location and even though there was a huge turnout, it never felt overcrowded. There were pretty much no rules when it came to the artwork, as there was a variety of media and viewpoints showcased by the artists. Paintings, photography, sculpture, and mixed media with an “urban” twist. There were many pieces that had that graphic, graffiti type of aesthetic you may expect to see. I’m always so amazed at that style of art because of the ways that the artists abstract the subject matter. It just looks so cool! I’ve tried to draw out graffiti on my own in my sketchbook a few times and…well…let’s just say that those scribbles will never see the light of day again. hahaha, I can’t pull it off very well.Booty-shaking beats pumped all night long. The DJ was pretty good, he spun a little bit of everything – east coast, west coast, dirty south, 90’s hip-hip, some go-go (it worked, trust me), even some 90s alternative crept up in there! Though by then I think people might have been feeling buzzed enough to accept it, haha. And I think I grew a few hairs on my chest because I had my first Jack+Coke ever. Yup, your baby’s growin’ up. Take pictures now. I have to say…it has an “aggressive” taste. haha, I probably won’t be making that a habit at all! (but hey, it was Free.99 so…)

I was able to take a few pictures while I was there, though not a lot because I pretty much was on the dance floor gettin’ down the whole time (sorry!). Art Beats + Lyrics is a traveling art show so they stop at various cities throughout the year. Keep an eye out for when the show might be in your area, it’s worth checking out!

To learn about how Art Beats + Lyrics got started, check it out here! You will also find pictures and merchandise to peruse through.

Annnnnnnd a Side Note: The only drawback/complaint that I had was the metal detectors and patdowns we had to get before we entered the building. Whaaaa??! Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole feel to it in my opinion. All night the mantra was, “This isn’t a club environment ya’ll, it’s an experience.” But it was hard to tell when you think about the whole ritual before gettin’ in there. I didn’t know whether to be understanding or slightly insulted that it was a precaution they had to take…haha. It was a strange ambivalence. I don’t know, I’ll chalk it up to it being in the Nation’s capital near all sorts of government buildings and whatnot. It probably was a requirement in order for the space to be used, I mean you just never know. But I just HAD to say something about it because it was unexpected and I remember thinking, “dang is it that deep?” among other things…Other than that part, it was definitely a great time. I love what they’re doing with that show.

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