More Newness…

New!So to follow up on all the “new” going on here, I thought it’d be appropriate to give a short update on what’s been going on with me since I last wrote.

It’s a new year obviously, so I’ve been trying to take it all in and ride out that feeling of a “new beginning”…though really it’s more like a continuation of the year before haha. I’ll take any good vibes I can get though.

I already mentioned the new look in my last post, but it stands to be mentioned again because I’m really loving it! For now I’m really glad that I’ve switched formats. There’s less that I have to tweak and this template has some cool design features that I can’t wait to take advantage of.Not only have I made an online move, but I’ve made a physical move as well! I’m no longer in MD, I’m in Virginia now. Yup, Vee-AY Vee-AY! haha…So far I am not impressed with it, then again people that I’ve talked to kinda hyped it up before I moved here. It really doesn’t feel that different from where I was. The biggest differences are the shift in the demographic and the roads/traffic. Virginia…ya’lls roads and routes…forreal? Is that what’s really good? Then add to that the perpetual construction, and you have me already missing MD within the first 2 hours. And that’s tough because physically it’s really not that far of a move considering how much the DC metro area covers so it nothing feels especially “new” about it. But I digress. I moved for more practical purposes anyway. I moved in with my mom so I can start saving money for a much bigger move out of the area. I have to say, downsizing the way that I did was a bit therapeutic. All I have to do now is stay disciplined in my spending habits, and focus on all the things I need to get done in preparation for the big move I planning for.

Finally, with a new year I have some new goals. Last year I did pretty well. I worked on and/or accomplished about 80% of the things that I wanted to do. Not bad considering how easily distracted I can get! This year, some of last year’s goals have carried over and have been turned up a couple of notches. Some of my new goals actually pertain to what I do here on the blog, so I’ll share those with you:

  • Draw and/or paint more (at least 3 paintings before the end of the year)
  • Visit more galleries and exhibit openings
  • Create my own artist website

So hopefully I will not only succeed in those areas but be able to share the journey with you as well!

That’s it from me for now. I have a bunch of stuff that I want to jump into so between today and tomorrow there will be more to see here. It’s good to be back!

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