Black Artists in History

I normally don’t get too caught up in black historical content, nor do I particularly pay special attention to black history month, but this year for some reason I have felt moved to participate. I figured if I did some research on the contributions that actually interest me then maybe it wouldn’t feel like a chore. At least I’m already accumulating some points by being a week late with this! (oh yeah, I went there)

Anyway, everyday for the rest of February I want to shine some light on some notable black artists to build awareness of their artwork and their impact in the art world. I already pulled a bunch of names that I want to profile, mostly 19th and 20th century artists. Hopefully you’ll see some names you recognize! I also pulled a few names of artists that have been making waves on the scene in recent years. I’m really excited to start this series of posts! It’s definitely a learning process for me too. If all goes well, I hope to keep this up and highlight all types of artists, past and present, on a regular basis.

Coming up, the first well-known black portrait painter: Joshua Jackson.

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