A Message to My Younger Self

Recently I had to pay a visit to the art school I graduated from years ago. It’s in a new building now and is merged with a community college, so everything about it was completely new to me. Even much of the faculty that I knew of had changed. I have to say that I was so glad that I stopped through! It was a great time catching up with some of the staff and a couple of my teachers. I really felt like I reconnected with a part of myself that day. Seeing all of the fresh talent posted up on the walls and displayed throughout the building was really inspiring. It certainly took me back to a time that felt transformative in my life, as a person and particularly as young aspiring artist.

Haha, and speaking of myself as a young artist check THIS out:

This is a picture of me standing in front of some of my artwork from art school. I discovered this in one of the buildings at Montgomery College. Gosh I feel like I'm looking at a completely different person from an another dimension! Geeeez, who IS that?! lol

Yes. That is me from almost 8 years ago, barely knocking on the age of 20 years old. Actually I found this picture posted up in one of the buildings at the school. It’s pretty big and hard to miss, haha. It’s me standing in front of some of the artwork I did while in school. It really got me thinking about where I was compared to where I am now. DEFINITELY a much better painter now, haha, but I think I was a lot more creative and energized back then.

It got me thinking: If I could say something to myself back then, what would I say? Is there some nugget of wisdom the Traci of now could impart to the Traci of then? After days of considering it, I can honestly say that there really isn’t anything. Besides some obvious relationship and artistic advice, nothing really profound or insightful jumped out at me. Not because I haven’t learned anything along the way, but I guess it’s because I’ve always felt fairly confident about the steps I’ve taken in life – no matter how hard the decisions were to make. So far, I’ve pretty much done everything that I’ve wanted to do and could do. I don’t think it’s a matter of me not “dreaming bigger” for myself or “playing it safe”, but I think it was more about dreaming smart and being willing to take certain risks. I tried to focus a lot of my energy on things that would benefit me internally – isn’t that what really matters at the core of life anyway?

So for the sake of answering my own question, if I were to just pick anything to say to myself back then I would probably say “Keep taking the red pill.” If not that, then I’d probably give myself tips on styling my hair…I’m MUCH better at that now, haha.

How about you?? Knowing what you know now, is there anything that you wish you could tell your younger self?

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