ArtJamz in Dupont!

A couple of weeks back I heard about this event called ArtJamz and that they were opening up a permanent location in Dupont Circle in DC. To celebrate this milestone, ArtJamz has been hosting painting sessions each week in March and I was lucky enough to attend a session last Friday. Thank goodness I bought my ticket when I did, because almost all of the dates have sold out! They recently added a new date, March 31, so if you feel the urge after reading this post hurry and get your ticket before the session is filled!

What makes ArtJamz special is the way that they are able to gain the interest of the young professional crowd. And the way they do it is by providing food, alcohol, and great music. Oh. So THAT’S all it takes?! 😉 All you have to do is pay a flat fee and show up, ArtJamz will do the rest! Enjoy a free canvas, unlimited paint supply, all-you-can-drink wine, beer and Vitamin water, delicious food, and sweet tunes. Add in some friendly strangers and it’s pretty much the perfect atmosphere for creativity on a night out in the city. The ArtJamz staff were very pleasant and helpful. They even have “Creative Enablers” that offer guidance and encouragement with your work.

I decided to do a painting about an idea that came to me a few years ago. For some reason I just never put it to canvas, I only had it in a sketchbook. Painting there was challenge to me because I’ve never painted anything in just a couple of hours! So if you’re someone like me that has a more drawn out creative process, going to a function like this forces you to be a bit more spontaneous. It actually was a good feeling! I had to worry less about technique (which is something that I usually get bogged down with), and just get the idea out on the canvas. I got a few positive reactions from some of the people there, so I guess it was a successful exercise!

I definitely recommend planning an ArtJamz night if you’re looking for a unique creative experience to have in the coming weeks. This is a great idea for group outings, though if you’re expecting to fly solo you’ll still have an enjoyable time. I went alone and I didn’t feel left out…then again, I’m very comfortable doing a lot of things on my own so I suppose it may depend on your personal threshold for hanging out solo. Also, I have to mention that you really don’t have to be a Leonardo Da Vinci to participate in ArtJamz events. All skill levels are happily welcome. In fact, I think you’ll probably see the most interesting pieces from those who don’t consider themselves artists. No matter how “good” the artwork is, what I loved is that I got the feeling that everyone was earnest about doing their best at it. Plus, free-flowing alcohol does not hurt at all! Best believe I had my Pinot Grigio close at hand. The only “problem” I encountered there was making sure I put my brush in my water cup instead of my wine cup!

For a look at their the ArtJamz spring schedule, check it out here! Be sure to book early, the slots seem to fill fairly quickly – especially for Friday night sessions. For more information about ArtJamz and how they’re bringing non-artists and artists together, here’s how to find them:

Twitter: @ArtJamz

And here are a few photos I took while I was there last Friday:

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