Work in Progress

Remember the sketch I started? Well I brought it into Illustrator and started tracing it out. It’s still very much at an early stage, but I wanted to show how far I’ve gotten since I introduced the idea.

I’m using several layers in the software to help keep the different parts of the illustration organized. The waterlillies were traced from images that I found online. For the lily pads I only traced one, then copied it several times and modified those copies so that there would be different sizes. The water stream was just one of the stock brushes in Illustrator. Although I’m working from a rough sketch, a lot of the elements I’m freehanding directly in Illustrator. I don’t have a tablet so I’m just using a regular computer mouse. Sooo there’s been a lot of trial and error because of that, but I definitely don’t mind it. Ctrl+z is one of the major advantages to digital art, God bless it.

One of my top problem areas is the hands. I struggle with them every time! However, I can’t keep hiding them forever…so I have to push myself to at least get them to look decent, at least, recognizable as hands. I had to enlist some help! I’m talkin’ photo reference AND a live demonstration. For the right hand this is what I came up with:

Thank you God, it looks like a hand. This isn’t exactly how I envisioned it when I did the sketch, but I went with where the lines seemed to be taking me and I’m pretty happy with how this turned out – so dainty and elegant. Now I just have to do it again! **grooooan**

I’m going to keep working at it and will post the next stage of progress when available. 🙂

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