A Visit to Philadelphia Museum of Art

Last Friday I went to Philadelphia to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Can I just say, that I don’t know what the hell was up with the streets in that traffic circle by the museum! I thought I hated driving in DC…that one little part in Philadelphia had me screwed for at least 15 minutes while I looked for decent parking near the museum because the museum’s parking lot was full. Or, at least it was until I FINALLY found a parking space about a mile away. Because by the time I walked up to the museum, they were taking cars again. FML. Oh well, it didn’t break my stride.

It was no surprise to me that I couldn’t take any pictures in the van Gogh exhibit, which was beautiful and enjoyable by the way (will write about it soon!), but I was able to get a bunch of pictures of some of the other pieces in the museum’s permanent collection. The following gallery is just a taste of what was there, and I mostly photographed my favorite artists. I took note of who did what, but as of this posting I don’t have my little notebook on me to fill in the information, so I’ll have to edit this later.

At any rate, you’re definitely going to have to make trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art if you can, because it’s much better to see these pieces in person!

P.S. – Please forgive my photography skills. I know some of these came out really wonk because 1) I’m short; and 2) I’m not a photographer, just a person with a decent camera. So I apologize in advance for some of the odd cropping and angles. I’ll probably get better at this as I go. In the meantime, enjoy!

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