When the Bed Keeps Calling You

I had to miss my painting class last week, so that why I didn’t have any follow-up pictures lately. I’m getting ready to go to class this morning, and I have to admit, I’m dragging! Not because I don’t want to go, but because I’m just tired in general from working a lot of longer hours at my 9 to 5 for the last month and a half (and counting). Right about here is where I usually give myself an excuse to punk out, and not do anything at all. But I’m going to push through it, get up, put on some scrappy clothes to paint in, and continue on.

How do I do that when clearly I would rather spend more blissful hours in my bed? I defer back to my main motivation for doing this: to do good work and get better, so I can then do good work for others.  That desire has to be the priority for me, at least stronger than staying in bed for 3 or 4 more hours on a Saturday morning (which probably would’ve been followed by more excuses to not do anything art related).

I share this string of thought, in hopes that you may think about what your motivations are at your core – it doesn’t even have to be art-related, sometimes we have to check in with what motivates us in life! Are you driven by something that you hold near and dear to yourself, or do you mostly make up excuses and let others influence you? What will you sacrifice for that personal creed? Do you even know what’s truly important to you? Either way, I’m in the struggle with you. This post is as much for myself as it is for the person who’s been meaning to start that project they’ve been wanting to get around to for so long. The bed will still be there when you’re done!

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