The Next Study

An underpainting of the model from class

Piggy-backing off of yesterday’s post, here’s what came out of me shifting my butt in gear and getting to class. I didn’t get to “finish” the previous painting because I couldn’t make it to last week’s class, but I’m not mad because I was getting tired of that painting anyway! I think it was because I had to keep on going back to it, and it started to feel like I was barely making any progress. I basically screwed myself because I used a huge canvas for a simple study, but I was only trying to push myself and I’m more comfortable working on a bigger canvas anyway. It was still a good exercise either way, because I learned a lot about using color than I anticipated. There are so many different techniques out there! I seem to learn a new one with every class I take.

The painting this time around is a lot smaller, and it’s a of a male – which is something I don’t get to paint too often. Apparently it’s not something many of the other women in my class get to paint either, as one of them said, “Go slow!” when the model was asked to remove his shirt. (Looks like I’m in the right class!)

This new painting seems to be off to a good start though. Now it’s time for me to mess it up by adding color to it…

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