Sunday Night Sugah

After work today I was supposed to be preparing a wood palette. Half a bag of sour gummi worms later, all that ended up happening was continual play of my Soundcloud playlist and the baddest-ass solo dance party this side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. No actual footage was captured, but trust me it was epic. Here are some pics and I found some cool gifs to illustrate some of what went down.

“H” to tha “ell yeah”…

A close-up/preview of what I’m painting next.

The Culprit

What I was SUPPOSED to be doing.

There was some of this…

A little bit of this…

…and you KNOW there was a lot of this! (minus the chick of course)

After all that, I realized that I didn’t even have the right stuff to seal my palette with anyway…oh well!

The moral of the story is: If you want to be productive, don’t impulse buy a pack of delicious gummi worms while running an errand for your mom…at least, that’s what I learned. I’m open to hearing any other ideas.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Sugah

  1. Perhaps you could have rubbed paint on your butt, THEN humped the chair. Abstract art my friend! No thank you’s necessary, I’m here to help 😉

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