Art Soiree Presents: Salon After Hours

I recently attended the first of Art Soiree’s newest event, Salon After Hours. They choose a talented salon in the DC area and collaborate to create a memorable night celebrating the art of beauty. First up was the David Rios Salon and Spa in Georgetown neighborhood in DC. It was a night full of visual delights as attendees were able to witness the stylists and makeup artists prepare the finishing touches on the models, then watch it all come together in motion with a mini runway show.

Makeup artist, Michelle, completes her look inspired by painter Roy Lichtenstein’s work.

The team at David Rios spent countless hours to prepare for this event. They chose to take inspiration from some of the greatest artists and masterpieces in art history to create the looks they premiered that night. There was also the chance to meet the stylists themselves to chat about their work and experience. Everyone that I met from the salon was very gracious and friendly, and their enthusiasm for their passion was contagious! Based on what I saw, I would highly recommend checking out the crew at the David Rios Salon & Spa. They know how to make you look good (and also know how to throw a party)!

For the full album of the event at the David Rios Salon, see it here!

If you’re in the DC area and haven’t heard about Art Soiree, I suggest you check them out! They host many events throughout the year, sharing their taste and joy of the arts. Tonight I will be attending the next event for Art Soiree’s Salon After Hours at Roche Salon, so stay tuned for part 2!

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