Links to Creativity 06/15

Photography by Jevgenija Bitter Fluster Magazine

How to Introduce People to Your Art ~

Do you have an artwork bucket list? ~

A little bit light today, I haven’t been online much this week (arrgh). Anyway, Enjoy!!


Links to Creativity 06/08

Hilarious T-shirt designs by Glenn Jones ~ Inspiration Feed

Neuroscience Meets Art ~Huffington Post Arts

Dutch Artist Turns Dead Pet Into Remote Control Helicopter (wtf??) ~ LA Times

Get your Photography, Design, and Architecture Fix ~ Hovercraftdoggy


Links To Creativity 06/01

Did that dude in Miami see these and get hungry??

Flesh-eating Zombie Garden Gnomes ~ Juxtapoz

Artists are taking on themes of aging, transformation, and decay ~ ARTnews

Portraits by Judith Peck ~ Artsy Shark

by Jack Long

Water Splash Flowers by Jack Long ~ Huffington Post Arts


Links to Creativity 5/25

photo credit: Banksy’s website

New Banksy Street Art ~

Artist Turns Children’s Drawings into Stuffed Animals! ~ Huffington Post Arts

Sculptural paintings and Abstract Art by Regina Davidson ~ Artsy Shark

The Psychology of Selling Art ~ Art

In Pastel and In Sickness ~ Juxtapoz

Links to Creativity 05/18

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo reproduced by Phil Hansen on a banana

Bananas Tattoed with Famous Works of 
Art ~ Flavorwire

Photography by Alain Etchepare ~ Fluster Magazine

A Checklist for Starting a Clothing Brand ~ Inspiration Feed

Top 10 Best Museum Websites ~ ARTINFO

Beautiful Pastel Portraits by Chantal Handley ~ The Studio of Chantal Handley

DC’s Biggest Art Event is Back! ~

Links to Creativity 05/04

“The Way Home” ©Thomas Haskett

Landscape Paintings by Thomas Haskett ~ Thomas Haskett

Where’s the Money? ~ Art Business Institute

Have you found your artistic style? ~ Center Point Art Project

Munch’s famous painting, The Scream, sells for $120 MILLION. Was it worth it? ~ Forbes

Digital Photomanipulation by Ana Fagarazzi ~