Office Desk Steez: Pirate Mascot

In my department we had a pirate theme going on for our fall peak weeks at work. Sooo this is the flag that we made with our team mascot, we just used felt, tacky glue, and silver paint (for the hook):

Our team’s mascot, a fat orange dinosaur.

Creeper’s in the spirit too!

Cool Stuff: April Harrison Journal

April’s Song, April Harrison.

Recently I had to stop into the bookstore to buy a new journal. My recent one is getting down to its last pages (it’s been an eventful year!). If there is anything that I can say I actually “collect” it’d be journals. I’ve been writing in them since about 8th or 9th grade and I still have all of them. I get embarrassed for MYSELF sometimes when I go back and read some of the things I wrote, haha. But it’s also great to see where I’ve been, remember good/bad times, and compare it all to where I am now. I’ve found that there’s always room to learn about yourself. Writing in journals is such a habit that it’s something that I NEED to do in my life. So helpful.

I usually shop for mine at Barnes and Noble. I think that store always has decent-looking journals for reasonable prices, but I can’t just get any ol’ journal. No, no, no! I spend at least half an hour deciding on one to buy each time I go. For me, a journal has to look interesting in some way (I usually avoid solid colors, though some of my older ones are solid). And the line spacing has to be a mature narrow width, not that Bobby Brown-gap wide, elementary school paper line spacing. It also has to be around 10 bucks or less. I mean, I’ve seen some really sexy looking journals in Barnes and Noble but a lot of those are over 25 bucks. I’m sorry but even I can’t justify a purchase like that…but I digress.

So this time the journal that met the criteria the best was one that had some lovely artwork by artist, April Harrison. She’s a painter but she also incorporates found objects and other mixed media into her pieces in interesting ways. She’s also self-taught! No I didn’t get this journal just because there’s a black female on it with natural hair (but it might be part of the reason subconsciously, haha). I was drawn to it because it evoked thoughts in me of creativity, peace, and freedom. I think that’s exactly the content that I would like this next journal to have. One can hope, right? I think I’m already on that path, slowly but surely!

What do you think?! Is there something that you’re really picky about purchasing?