Class is in Session


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This past Saturday was my first day in a figure and portrait painting class at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. I have been so anxious about it ever since I signed up for it 2 months ago! You can imagine … Continue reading

More Newness…

New!So to follow up on all the “new” going on here, I thought it’d be appropriate to give a short update on what’s been going on with me since I last wrote.

It’s a new year obviously, so I’ve been trying to take it all in and ride out that feeling of a “new beginning”…though really it’s more like a continuation of the year before haha. I’ll take any good vibes I can get though.

I already mentioned the new look in my last post, but it stands to be mentioned again because I’m really loving it! For now I’m really glad that I’ve switched formats. There’s less that I have to tweak and this template has some cool design features that I can’t wait to take advantage of.Not only have I made an online move, but I’ve made a physical move as well! I’m no longer in MD, I’m in Continue reading

Busy Busy

I’m sorry I have not posted at all last week. Things have been kinda crazy on my end. I plan on picking things back up again this week, don’t worry! There are a few things in my queue for this week plus one big piece of goodness that won’t be ready to share until a little later next week. But, I’ll be back again soon to share a new Post-it Portrait, some thoughts about self-portraits, a recap of episode 2 of Work of Art 2, and probably another thing or two this week.

Hope you didn’t miss me too much!

Where it all started…

I’ve been really preoccupied with work and homework lately so I haven’t had too much time to post like I want to. Sorry!! But I did want to push myself to make time for this particular post because it was around this time last year that I started up this blog. Soooo I guess that would make this my 1st Bloggiversary!! (is that even how you spell it?!)

Cue the confetti and triumphant horns.

Anyway, I thought that I would take things waaay back and talk about the first piece of artwork that truly inspired me. Continue reading

Found Art: Downtown LA

Shakespeare?? Is it thou?

I went walking around downtown LA recently on a “food crawl” (delicious, by the way), and came across this intriguing piece of work on one of the buildings. Please forgive the image quality, I had to use my camera phone haha. In case you can’t tell, those are birds coming out of the guy’s arm and on his chest is a heart kind of combined with an engine.

As a typical introvert, I appreciated the introspective expression of the face and posture. Overall I think it’s one of those “weird, in a good way” kind of paintings. It looks like Shakespeare to me, though obviously not an exact interpretation of the poet we’re used to seeing throughout the years. I’m thinking it might be a portrait of the artist as Shakespeare + The Thinker? I don’t know, I’m definitely taking wild guesses! But that’s part of the fun when looking at some pieces – trying to pull some sort of meaning out of what you’re seeing, be it your own or what the artist wants you to see. Either way, whoever did it is certainly a talented person and really had something to say. It wasn’t necessarily part of our tour, but it made us all stop and talk about it at least for a few minutes. I thought it was worth sharing!

If anyone knows who did this, please let me know!!


I really want to post that classic song up by the Clipse, but I decided that I’ll keep it clean on here because the grinding that I mean isn’t the “grinding” that they were rappin’ about. haha…But, if you need a fix I’ll direct you to the site that has no problem sharing it! Please be warned, it’s not safe for work so keep the volume on low or use headphones…

Anyway, so I just got back from vacation (**sadness**) and I must say that I have come back with a new resolve. I have hit on 9 out of 10 goals that I’ve set for this year but I think that I need to take those goals to the next level. The first thing though: I have a ton of classwork that I need to catch up on! haha…Not always fun but it’s necessary. So tonight I will definitely be grinding on that.

Coming back refreshed and refocused had me thinking about what it is that truly gets me in “grinding” mode. I’ve been able to get a lot done over time, but have had tremendous trouble with consistency. Isn’t this a typical problem for some of us that call ourselves artists? I’ve just accepted that this will probably always be something that I struggle with, haha. However, I think it’s just as important to know what that thing is that gets you back on track and motivated. For me it’s a combination of an internal need to live up to my potential and having good people around that encourage me and hold me accountable. Sometimes it also helps me to see what other people are doing with their talents.

What’s that thing that gets you motivated to work towards your goals? Is it as simple as a “Hang in there, baby?” poster?

Or are you someone that needs a more hands-on approach?

Which one are you??

Really think about it! It’s good to know because then you can start to make conscious efforts to keep whatever “it” is around to help push yourself. The sooner you figure it out the better!

That was just something that was on my mind today as I am about to start getting caught up on my homework and get more stuff to show you on the blog. Don’t be afraid to take that next step towards what you want to do!

Checking in!

Shout out to all my east coast people (if you have power and are able to read this)! I literally feel like I’m in another world right now because I was able to dodge the crazy tropical storm. Really hoping that there’s something left for me to come back home to!

Today is my last full day out here on the west coast **tear**, but I can’t wait to come back and share a couple of the things that I’ve seen and experienced out here. I think I’ve been able to gather at least a few blog posts already based on what’s happened. 🙂 So assuming I have power when I get back home, lol, I’ll be able to share some pictures and thoughts very soon!