LA bound!

Ahh…vacation time has crept up on me so I will be out for a a little while. 😦  But I hope to come back with lots of good stuff for ya! 🙂 I’m off visit a very lovely, wonderful, AMAZING friend in California and I can’t wait. She also has a blog about her lifestyle as a recently transitioned vegan, it’s called Vegan, What?. Please check it out! You’d be surprised at the options that she’s found so far. And if you’re wondering, yes I will be eating all vegan options with her while I’m there. I know…I know. It’s definitely not my normal thing (I made Wendys run that I made at 10:30 pm last night because I just HAD to have a spicy chicken sandwich), but hey, when in Rome right? I will be sure to Tweet it up though! As much as I can at least, haha. If I get a chance I might sneak in a blog post or two as well. 🙂 And I shall return with pictures and a recap of the overall trip. Stay cool ya’ll!


So Much for Some Kid Art…

I had my niece over recently, and I thought that we would be able to get in some artistic/creative time together…Hmm yeah, so much for that. I put this picture up of her because it pretty much says it all. She was not blocking the sun from her eyes either, although I know that it looks like she is! Didn’t want to do take a picture for me and didn’t want to make any artwork. The most that we made together was a batch of sugar cookies (which were delicious!). However, I did find out that she likes to draw hearts, stars and people. I might be rubbing off on her after all! You see the big hair she’s rockin’, right?! Baby steps.