Art Basel 2012 Pictures!

Finally! I’ve posted pictures from my visit to Art Basel Miami back in December. Trying to get all caught up by sifting through some of my backlog here.

I was only able to attend one day of Art Basel, and it definitely wasn’t enough! For those that don’t know, Art Basel is the biggest art event in the US and is held annually in Miami, FL. People from all social classes from around the world, even celebrities, gather together in South Beach to participate in the week-long celebration of art and creativity. If I ever go back again, I’ll be sure to try to stay a lot longer than just a couple of days, there’s way too much to see and experience out there! Here’s a taste of some of the things that I saw:

art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012 art basel 2012

For the full album, check it out on Purple Paintbrush’s Facebook page – Let me know what your favorite pieces are!


Sprinkles by Rollence Patugan


I recently visited a friend in LA and we made a stop at the McGroarty Arts Center to check out an art fair held over the weekend. While we were there we also looked through the current show in the gallery at the arts center. The exhibition is called Bite Me, and it showcases various works of art that were inspired by food.

My friend and I ended up making an impromptu video of me talking about one of my favorite pieces in the show, Sprinkles by Rollence Patugan. The video is not a comprehensive review by any means, we were just having fun with it! We recorded it on my friend’s phone in a minute, so if anything, just look at it as an example of using whatever you have to make something happen. Either way I thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!

NEXT at the Corcoran


This gallery contains 25 photos.

Last weekend I attended the opening event for NEXT at the Corcoran, a group show of the school’s most recent graduates. It brought out many of Washington’s young, hip and artsy crowd, ready to mingle and enjoy some art.  My lovely … Continue reading