Office Desk Steez


My name tag at work.

I don’t know, I’ve always wanted to to a “portrait” of the back of my head. So I just did it. I’ll probably do more of these post-it portraits…


Free At Last!

Finally, it’s about that time for me to coast through the rest of the year! School’s out suckas and now I get some part of my life back temporarily. Oh yesh, ya’ll. And I have a couple of reviews comin’ your way. I’ll be back to post later today. (rhyme unintentional) Until then, enjoy this picture of me pondering how I’m going to BS through some of my free time…

Office Desk Steez

Sometimes it’s the little things that help us out in some way. Right now something that gets me through the work day is the creepy, foamboard dude that my talented and hilarious coworker made for me. There’s even a little sketch that he did hanging in the background (you might be able to see it). Every time I see this creation on my desk I have to laugh.

He is joined this week by the “Perfect Week Potato”, and an oranged-out Mr. T figurine holding a sign declaring that apparently, Yours Truly is awesome.

Can’t argue with that too much.

P.S. Please forgive the image quality, I took it with my phone!

Throwback Gem: Summer 2010 Reminisce

Now that fall is settling upon us, I’m already longing again for those wonderful, warm days of summer. This past summer was a memorable one, as I spent a lot of it on my own. Solitude brings a lot of things into perspective…but that’s a whole other Gem, haha. Here are some highlights:

Ft. Lauderdale & Miami, FL

A dream realized!
Ft. Lauderdale. Oh I wish I was still here.
Straight stuntin’ on these h*s

Cool Stuff

Oh. Hell. Yes.
Miss Jack Davey

Prescott, AZ

I’m a little obsessed with mountains

Portrait artist extraordinaire, Chris Saper

It’s the wild wild west ya’ll