Salvador Dali Week!

Salvador Dali (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989)

Something that I love to do is research some of the most famous and well-known artists to find out what really made them and their body of work so notable. Because honestly, by looking at some of their work alone, sometimes I just don’t get the big deal – and I studied art in school. Sorry, Art Historians. However, as I mature and my understanding of the art world deepens I have grown to approach this in a more open-minded way.

This Friday marks the birth of one of the most famous and provocative surrealist artists, Salvador Dali. No one has sparked my interest in this artist more than my best friend and aspiring writer, Naomi. It’s because of her that I actually am able to enjoy and understand Dali’s work now. So I’ve asked her to share her enthusiasm for this artist and his work as we go into what she lovingly calls “Dali Week”. She’ll be a special guest blogger this week on Purple Paintbrush, tying her posts to Dali each day leading up to his birthday this Friday.

So join us this week in celebrating Salvador Dali, by sharing your thoughts on Twitter using the tag #DaliWeek! We are @PurplPaintbrush and @SoftWatches. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Aniekan Udofia – The Villiage B-Boy

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Thanks to Twitter, I was able to hear about a solo show by an old college friend of mine, Aniekan Udofia. Filled with excitement, I HAD to make sure that I left work early to go catch him for the evening of his artist talk at the Lamont Bishop Gallery in DC 2 weeks ago. His show is titled “The Village B-Boy” and features several works of art inspired by the impact that hip hop music had in his life and on those around him while growing up in Nigeria.

I’ve always known Aniekan was an amazing artist, and as a passionate and motivated individual. I’ve seen some of his illustrations in popular hip hop magazines here and there over the years, so to see his work hanging in a solo snow was truly a treat! He said that with this body of work, he wanted to touch on something that hit closer to home. The overall response from the crowd was overwhelming positive. Aniekan’s pieces in the Villiage B-Boy show were mostly acrylic paintings, with many incorporating graphite, and spray paint into the work. He exhibited his dynamic skills with figures, each one so unique and conveying a piece of the story he tells about his early experiences with hip hop. The way he can compose a piece through rhythm and color is as lyrical as the songs from which he pulled inspiration. Ranging from smaller digestible canvases, to larger-scaled dramatic pieces, Aniekan evokes a world so vastly different from the streets where hip hop was born but he reaffirms the timeless message of how music is a language that we can all speak. It’s a connection that can span nations and eras of time.

If you haven’t made weekend plans yet, this should be a part of your itinerary. You definitely won’t be disappointed. On Friday (tomorrow) the Lamont Bishop Gallery will be hosting a closing reception from 6-8pm for Aniekan’s show. The final day of the art show is this Saturday March 3rd. So since this is the closing week, make it count and show your support for a rising DC-based artist!

To see more of Aniekan Udofia check out his Facebook page!

For more information about the Lamont Bishop Gallery:
LBG’s Facebook page
LBG on Twitter – @Lamont_Bishop
Located at 1314 9th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Purple Paintbrush is on Twitter!


So as a part of my attempt at building my online presence, Purple Paintbrush now has a Twitter page! Actually, I’ve had it for maybe about a week. It’s just now ready to be shown, haha. After MUCH trial and error and a Google search that lead me to this link, I now have a background design that actually is consistent with the look of the blog. I don’t have a proper Facebook name yet, but I will as soon as I get at least 25 “likes” so Like away! At this point I think the address is something like or something weird like that. haha…DEFINITELY not worth putting out there! So hopefully I can change that soon…

The Purple Paintbrush twitter page is just another way to find out about blog postings, see what I’m up to, share resources, get and give shout-outs…you know, stay in touch! So show love on the Facebook page and/or follow @PurplPaintbrush so we can keep the conversation going!