5 Ways to Connect to Your Artistic Voice

Bursting Sun - Acrylic on Gallery Canvas, Jaison Cianelli ©2009

Ever feel like you lost a bit of that “oomph” you need to be creative? Not sure how to explain what it is that really makes you obsessed with ink splatter? As artists, it’s typical that we may hit periods where inspiration feels just out of reach. Sometimes the ideas don’t steadily flow.

In one of my most recent posts I talked a bit about reconnecting with a part of myself as an artist after a visit to my old art school. It got me thinking that I should write about other ways one can do this, as it is so easy to get stagnant as an artist – especially when you have a full-time job! So I came up with a few tips that I hope will help you get through those darn unpredictable creative slumps, and connect with your artistic voice.

1. Revisit your older work
Look to yourself for inspiration – I’m serious! Revisit any sketches, paintings, class projects, graphics, etc. that you might still have and take a deeper look at it. Like an old journal, the pieces you’ve done over time chronicle your story. Taking another look at your pieces, even unfinished sketches can reveal a part of your mind or intentions that maybe you hadn’t noticed before. Take an extra step Continue reading