Bleeding Hearts (cherry pies)

The secret ingredient is love

I know this isn’t even close to being a food blog, but I had to show these treats that I made to share with some of my coworkers today. If I had to give this piece of culinary “art” a title it might have to be Love is Sweet and Delicious…Until You’re Chewed Up and Devoured, Heartlessly Digested Then Violently Crapped Out to Be Casually Flushed Away and Easily Forgotten.

…Or something.


A Little Heart to Heart

This is what it's all about.

I had to share this!

I randomly found this nugget of greatness from a blog written by Jessica Bateman. This is a lovely work of embroidery by artist Stephanie Hart (“Hart” get it?? Mindblowing.). I thought this was touching and rather timeless. It also doesn’t have to be interpreted as a romantic thing, as most of us have friends or family members to whom we’re deeply connected and for whom we have much love. Let’s use today as a reminder that we should love others EVERYday, friendship and beyond.