Sunday Night Sugah

After work today I was supposed to be preparing a wood palette. Half a bag of sour gummi worms later, all that ended up happening was continual play of my Soundcloud playlist and the baddest-ass solo dance party this side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. No actual footage was captured, but trust me it was epic. Here are some pics and I found some cool gifs to illustrate some of what went down.

“H” to tha “ell yeah”…

A close-up/preview of what I’m painting next.

The Culprit

What I was SUPPOSED to be doing.

There was some of this…

A little bit of this…

…and you KNOW there was a lot of this! (minus the chick of course)

After all that, I realized that I didn’t even have the right stuff to seal my palette with anyway…oh well!

The moral of the story is: If you want to be productive, don’t impulse buy a pack of delicious gummi worms while running an errand for your mom…at least, that’s what I learned. I’m open to hearing any other ideas.